In the field of bunker fuels and lubricants since 1997 to date, our name has been equated with quality products, premium services, effectiveness, consistency, safety and respect for the environment. Our goal is to fully service all types of vessels that berth in Greece.


Our Company

Mediterranean has been in operation for more than twenty years and has been active in the field of fuels and lubricants for the shipping industry since 1997. Is an exclusive cooperation with ΕΚΟ Industrial and Commercial S.A. (ABEE), the company has been supplying its client unobstructedly, with consistency, excellent quality products, without any delays and with competitive prices. This has been achieved by virtue of the fundamental philosophy of the company, which is the customer-driven approach, as well as the work of a group of specially trained experts.

We provide all ΕΚΟ’s products and we ensure that our services are constantly upgraded so that we can meet the various needs of the market. The feature that distinguishes us in the competitive market is that we are in a position to supply all types of ships, from the smallest fishing vessel and tourist passenger ferry to the largest cargo ship and freighter and serve the customer with exactly the same professionalism and respect regardless of the quantity.

We undertake to supply ships at a quality guaranteed by ΕΚΟ, with consistency as regards both quantity and delivery deadlines, in close cooperation with all the competent authorities (Port authorities – Customs offices) and in compliance with all the rules.

The personnel of Mediterranean is appropriately trained in the particular features of each vessel and port in Greece and specialized in land deliveries by tank trucks. The daily operation of the company is governed by firm business rules and on the basis of the direct communication with the customer, offering hence, personalized services.

We have managed to make our company’s brand synonymous with quality and professionalism and we are here to help you discover your needs in bunker fuels and lubricants and provide you our services with consistency!

Our Vision

To become a point of reference for our customers, partners and our personnel.

To fulfill the various needs of our customers with professionalism and consistency.

To act in compliance with the high Health and Safety, Environmental Management and Quality standards.

To offer competitive, high standard products.

Our Principles

We are developed with a sense of responsibility and consideration towards society and the environment as well as respect towards our customers and partners

Mediterranean in its exclusive cooperation with ΕΚΟ ABEE, guarantees that safety rules are observed, environment and quality rules are respected.

Our employee’s safety and health constitute a priority for us, within the goal of sustainable operation and respect for the environment. For this purpose, policies that bind all the personnel are applied and revised periodically aiming at constant amelioration in matters related to safety and environment. Fully in compliance with the current International law, the legislation on lifelong learning of the company’s personnel, in cooperation with the competent organizations while improving energy efficiency and energy saving, environmentally friendly products are manufactured through rational management of the resources.

The quality of EKO’s products is high and ensured through constant quality tests at the refinery and the facilities. Key quality parameters of the fuels are constantly checked prior to their collection in the containers as well as after they have been marketed in cooperation with the General Chemical State Laboratory. Samples from different tankers are checked daily as well as sulfur monitoring, sealing and quantity controls which are conducted through the automated system. Products fully meet all standards set by the European Union in accordance with ΕΝ 228, ΕΝ 589 and ΕΝ 590 standards.