Being committed to providing integral services to our customers, we ensure the timely and unobstructed delivery of bunker fuels that meet the most advanced quality standards, throughout Greece, for all types of vessels, in the most competitive prices. The safety of the people working in the logistics and vessels as well as the protection of the marine environment constitute our priority.


Bunker Fuels

Given EKO’s high standard fuels, the constant quality controls and the excellent service, Mediterranean is in a position to meet the needs in supplies of all types of vessels with its large variety of products in competitive prices and ensuring maximum performance. Deliveries are carried out every day in all ports and at any quantity that the customer desires. The quantity and quality of the product that you choose are guaranteed always in accordance with the latest standards.

Marine Gas Oil (MGO 0.1%) is a maritime fuel consisting of sulfur up to 0.1% with which mainly small vessels, powerboats. Fishing vessels, small tourist passengers ferries and diesel generators of larger ships are supplied.

VLSFO (Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil 0,5%) is a heavy low-sulphur maritime mazut (up to 0.5%), which is produced in accordance with the new regulations of IMO which have been applicable from the beginning of 2020. It is intended for use in larger ships with the corresponding two-stroke and four-stroke engines.


Bunker fuels meeting the most advanced quality standards that are in force in the global shipping market.

Guarantee – Reliability – Efficiency

Our exclusive cooperation with ΕΚΟ guarantees an advanced quality that fulfills all your needs with consistency and professionalism.